Foldable Exercise Bike Magnetic Resistance Gym Weight Loss Indoor Fitness


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The Foldable exercise bike is so simple to use. You’ll be burning off those calories in no time at all. The folding Indoor exercise bike will give your legs a workout and surely progress your complete fitness. Now you can get in shape and improve your fitness in your own home. This bike is perfect for those people who can’t afford the ever-increasing gym participation prices or those who live in a city where cycling can be very dangerous.
It is a foldable bike that can be stuck away when not in use
Which is ideal for indoor home use where space is at a low. The Foldable Indoor Fitness Exercise Bike has a variable tension controller that enables you to set the resistance depending on what your desired needs are. Want to tone your muscles? Set the resistance reasonably high and see the improvement. You can use any free time when you can.

Weight Capacity: 100-kg
Drive System: Belt
Material: Steel, ABS
Flat Pack: Yes
Adjustable Seat Foldaway-Compact, Heart-Rate Monitor Display


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